How Mile Building Courses Can Aid Your Sailing Development

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As is often stated, the process of development as a sailor demands a strong set of basic skills that can then be steadily improved over time.

Learning to sail in this way – which is similar to learning to drive a car – allows for constant improvement but requires dedication and hard work, especially for those looking to compete at the highest level.

In the higher echelons of the sailing world, even the smallest mistakes could prove pivotal and it is for this reason that Olympic sailors and the world’s best spend so much time training.

Starting with the basics

The basics of sailing will focus on the necessary skills and knowledge that are needed to sail a craft; from a basic ability to navigate to how to raise sails properly.

All of the essential skills will be covered, enabling a sailor to handle themselves out on the water and reducing the chances of them getting into difficulty.

The sea is an unpredictable enemy and it is for this reason why boating first aid courses and survival routines take precedence in the early stages of learning. From knowing how to rescue somebody from the water to treating injuries, these skills could be essential in an emergency.

For those looking to learn to sail, all of these courses will form the foundation blocks that can then be slowly built on over time; allowing a sailor to keep improving until they are ready to stop.

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Why consider Mile Builder courses?

There is only one way to build up sailing experience and that requires spending time out on the water – putting the skills and theory of sailing into practice.

It is recommended that those interested in advanced Day Skipper courses or higher level courses should spend a certain amount of time out on the water first.

Mile Builder courses often provide a challenge to a sailor, offering the chance to boost their confidence while getting valuable sea miles under their belt.

Instructors will be present on board vessels to help people sharpen their technique and the courses are ideal for those looking to push on to the next level.

Some of the sailing criteria for higher level courses must be met in advance and this can be achieved under watchful supervision with a Mile Building course.

These courses are available around the globe all year round making them an ideal option for any sailors who are keen to get out on the water this winter.

Once experience is built up, sailors can then tackle more advanced courses which can further their development towards highly competitive sailing environments such as racing.

Mile Builder courses are also popular among sailors looking to qualify for higher level qualifications, such as the RYA Yachtmaster course, that require specific levels of experience.

Providing a number of development options

It’s also important to remember that every sailor will learn and develop in a different way – so a ‘trial by error’ approach to find what suits them is usually recommended.

While the Solent is a popular destination for Mile Builder courses, they can also be found at a number of locations around the world.

All locations offer very different sailing conditions to those found in the UK with Gibraltar, the Canary Islands and the Caribbean just a few examples of the varied environments you could encounter.

In short, Mile Builder Courses provide the necessary conditions to aid development as a sailor and to prepare for other more advanced sailing training courses. They allow sailors to build up vital experience and prepare them for what they may face should they want to progress to the next level of sailing training.


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