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Welcome to The Boating Hub – an all-new approach to boating training, development and education!

The Boating Hub is the first website to offer fast and easy access to comprehensive boating and sailing training courses online. Developed by those with experience and a passion for boating, the team at The Boating Hub knows exactly what you are looking for in a reputable training course.

We offer simple and fast access to comprehensive training course listings both in the UK and around the world. Whether looking to take an important first step or polish up even the most advanced boating skills, you'll find it through The Boating Hub!

All courses are 100% dependent on the high quality, elite calibre and dedicated approach of their respective instructors, the only standard you'll find via The Boating Hub.

We also offer a unique real-time course access system, which allows you to view live listings of current courses. For more information, please consult our live course section.