Dinghy Sailing – What Qualifications Do You Need?

Posted on June 13, 2016 by under Dinghy Sailing, Sailing Courses

I was in an Indian restaurant in Lyme Regis this weekend when I got talking with the couple sat at the next table. They were late middle aged, and had taken early retirement from their jobs in London and moved to Dorset for its pace of life and character – something you see a lot […]

Sea Sense – A Skill You Can’t Be Taught!

Posted on November 16, 2015 by under Dinghy Sailing, Sailing, Sailing Courses

Every advanced sailing nation’s teaching syllabus requires an element of experience. This enables you to gain something you cannot be taught – Sea Sense. Sea sense is roughly described as common sense linked to the sea, and it’s something that you can only gain through experience. The sea – not unlike a giant cat… The […]

Why Learning Both Inshore & Offshore Sailing Makes You A Better Sailor

Posted on August 10, 2015 by under Dinghy Sailing, navigation, Sailing, Sailing Courses

There are two forms of sailing – inshore racing and offshore sailing. To be the best sailor it helps to gain experience of both as they compliment each other. This piece will look at what you will get out of each type of sailing discipline and why learning them both together, you will be a […]

Foiling – The Ultimate Goal Of Fast Sailing?  

Posted on February 9, 2015 by under Dinghy Sailing, Foiling, Sailing, Yacht Racing

In the last Americas Cup the world was captivated by foiling 72ft sailing catamarans that blasted around the San Francisco race circuit at up to twice the speed of the wind. Though foiling boats have been around for many years – in the 70’s the Soviet Union began a hydrofoil passenger service through St Petersburg, […]

Disabled? You Can Still Out Class The Able Bodied In Sailing…

FACT: You do not have to be able bodied to beat the fleet in sailing. The sport is one of the most egalitarian of all – as much a game of the mind as the body. Women can out sail men, and the disabled can beat able bodied sailors in most dinghy and yacht races. […]