3 Short Boating Courses To Consider Ahead Of A Longer Passage  

Posted on March 31, 2015 by under First Aid, navigation, Passage Planning, Sailing Courses

Going to sea is ultimately about self reliance. The further you plan to go the less of a chance of being bailed out should you really get into trouble. Even the fastest rescue helicopters can only go 150mph so 300 miles out to sea you’re 2 hours from being rescued, and they are limited in […]

3 Short Courses That Will Help You To Learn To Sail Well

Posted on March 23, 2015 by under Sailing, Sailing Courses

When someone new to sailing and boating thinks of a yachting course, they will naturally think of navigation or physically getting from A-B. Where these are certainly important, there are a number of short courses that, wherever you are in the world, are important additions to your nautical learning – and will help you become […]

Mathematics – Core To Good Passage Making

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A lot of learning to be a good sailor is to get your head around the mathematics of a passage. Whether predicting where you will be on crossing a tidal stream or factoring in leeway into an upwind passage, or working out where to stow your provisions for a trip to effectively balance your boat, […]

Weather Forecasting – An Important Skill Of The Seafarer

Posted on March 9, 2015 by under navigation, Passage Planning, Sailing

If you’re from the temperate climes of the northern hemisphere, having a good grip on what the weather is doing is a core skill in being able to plan a passage out to sea. In northern Europe, processions of gales frequently wreck your plans for a trip out to sea, where even in the Mediterranean […]

Stupidity At Sea Doesn’t Just Risk Your Own Life – Learn To Be Safe!

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Throughout my writing for The Boating Hub I have made quite a few jokes about how one sailing qualification or another won’t prepare you for a trans oceanic voyage. Whether the top sailing qualification in Luxembourg, or a day sailing certificate from any one of a number of other countries, a basic knowledge of sailing […]