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The Day Skipper course is a fundamental prerequisite for any aspiring sailors looking to take their skills to a professional level, and leisure sailors who wish to learn some of the most important and useful skills and boating insights.

When looking to book yourself on a Day Skipper training course, you will be presented with two different options, those being the theory course and the practical course.

More About The Theory Course

In the case of the theory course, this is a training program that takes place on dry land and is aimed at newcomers with little or perhaps no experience whatsoever of navigation. Actual sailing experience is not taken into account as this is largely a navigation-based course.

As such, the course introduces its participants to a myriad of crucial navigation procedures, including the use of electronic charts and standard GPS systems. In addition, students will be introduced to other essentials including collision regulations, meteorology and the most important safety procedures.

As stated, the theory portion of the course is 100% classroom based.

More About The Day Skipper Practical Training

Once a certain level of competency has been reached and the theory course passed, the option to take the practical course will open up. With the careful assistance and instructions of some of the best boating tutors in the world, students are shown how to skipper a yacht for the very first time.

Given the increased demands of the practical portion of the course, it will usually require a longer period of time, usually around five days or two consecutive weekends.

Learn at Home or Abroad

RYA Day Skipper courses are available across the UK and all over the world, meaning you're never far from that essential step in the right direction.

Trust The Boating Hub to help you find the very best course and have you hitting the water in no time!

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