What Are The Best Parts Of The UK For Learning To Sail?

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It’s easy to think that all that is needed for a good sailing experience is a stretch of water and a boat, but in truth the specific location also plays a very big role.

For new sailors especially, picking the first place to sail can have a massive bearing on the experience they have.

Areas that can provide some natural shelter from the prevailing conditions are recommended as they will probably provide safer sailing conditions in which to learn and practice.

More tricky conditions can then be sought once the basics are mastered, as sailors can go in pursuit of their sailing idols and achieve their dreams on the water.

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Finding comfortable areas to learn in

Replicating what was told during sailing training courses is not always the easiest thing to do if there are large waves or unfavourable winds, for example.

Likewise, if a new sailor should feel queasy during their time on the water, being on calmer waters should aid in safely returning them to shore.

Therefore, the best options for learners tend to be sheltered bays and large estuaries, although it is important to watch out for much larger sea traffic with the latter option.

Sheltered coastline is also recommended rather than more exposed areas, where a sudden change in weather conditions could make sailing a lot more difficult than it should be.

It’s important to point out as well that the level of development of a particular sailor will play a role in the sorts of conditions they may want to take on.

Those that have attended day skipper sailing courses, for example, may feel a lot more comfortable in higher winds than someone who has barely been on the water.

Popular locations

The south coast of England is a popular location for sailors to learn, thanks to plenty of sheltered conditions.

For those wanting to try slightly more testing conditions, the waters that were used for the Olympics in 2012 can be found off the coast of Dorset.

The Solent in Hampshire between the mainland and the Isle of Wight provides some of the best conditions in the country. The Island provides a breakwater to the stronger swell seen out in the English Channel, meaning seas don’t tend to be tough, even in winds of around 40 knots.

A number of excellent training facilities also exist in the region, meaning everything that a sailor could require is never too far away.

A great number of RYA sailing courses use these waters for those very reasons, as conditions enable them to offer an enjoyable experience for even the most inexperienced of sailors.

Alternative places to learn to sail

Other regions include the East coast of Suffolk and the Medway estuary in Kent, as well as Poole Harbour in Dorset, all of which provide relatively calm conditions.

Meanwhile, some sheltered areas on the southern coast of Devon and Cornwall, including Plymouth Sound and Falmouth can also be good places to start.

Wherever someone chooses to start their sailing adventure, with the right assistance and training they can enjoy the stunning scenery that the UK has to offer.

A number of sailing courses can be found online on a sailing site such as The Boating Hub that can cater for any level of ability and skill.

Safety is always of primary concern when sailing, and a number of first aid and survival courses can also prepare sailors should they face difficult situations on the water.

These courses will provide guidance on recovering people from the water and what medical treatments to provide in order to safely return them to land.

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