The Southampton Boat Show Ends – Look Out 2013!

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Did you make it to the Southampton Boat Show this year? If so then you’ll have been able to witness one of the best years yet, and had a fabulous time at one of Europe’s greatest boat shows, and the UK’s biggest.

The Southampton Boat Show Ends - Look Out 2013!

Already it is possible to sign up to the mailing list so that you can be notified the very moment tickets go on sale for the 2013 Boat Show, and I recommend that if you have any interest in boating or sailing then head over to the Southampton Boat Show’s website ( and get yourself signed up.

What’s On Offer At The Southampton Boat Show?

If you’re new to the idea of this boat show then you may be interested to know just what is on offer and what you can expect from the event.

One of the first things I would say is that if you have an interest in boating, whether that is buying a boat, or learning to sail, then what the boat show offers is a great chance to really experience things for yourself first hand. Like many people you may spend quite a bit of your time exploring the different boat styles and models available by browsing endless websites, and to be fair there are some great sites available which do a good job of offering reviews and details of all the different boats and yachts available.

But really there is nothing quite like stepping on board, feeling the deck beneath your feet, looking out over the side at the water and getting your hands on a real live boat out there on the water.

The Southampton Boat Show is now such a huge event that you really can see an enormous variety of boats, from large yachts to the latest snappy powerboats and jets. For the enthusiast or the serious buyer, it’s a hands on opportunity to see, touch, try out and talk to people about these boats in a way which no website can ever hope to match.

There’s More To A Boat Show Than Boats Though

But of course there’s a great deal more on offer at the show than just a massive line up of incredible boats, because there is always a whole variety of special events that you simply won’t find anywhere else. You get a large helping of celebrities joining in with some unique events which can be exciting, and of course you’re rubbing shoulders with a whole heap of people who are just as mad on boats and boating as you.

Many people come along as much to chat with like minded people as they do with the exhibitors and manufacturers, and this is one of the great features of the show.

An interesting fact I recently came across is that whilst the majority of people come to the boat show with an idea in mind of what they are looking to buy, the majority of that majority actually end up changing their minds having spoken to people at the show. This is an important point I think, because if you already feel as though you have made up your mind, talking with other people, talking with the exhibitors and seeing a range of boats can often help to change your mind and let you consider alternatives you may not have realised even existed.

I have often seen products and craft at the Southampton Boat Show which I have never even heard of or seen before, which means that it really is a great opportunity to find out so much more than you can online. Head over to and register today for a show you won’t want to miss.

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