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Training via the Sailing Portal

Training via the Sailing Portal

If you’re a keen sailor, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is a new sailing website that has been launched with a view to helping you to get more out your sailing experiences. There can be no doubt about the fact that the more you know about what you do, the more you enjoy it. It stems from having a better understanding of things, and the more you understand them, the more you are able to appreciate them.

The Only Boating Hub that Covers the Lot

It’s all about having a yard stick or a benchmark. If you don’t have either, then you’ve got nothing to be able to measure things by. It means that you can’t fully appreciate the difficulty of, say navigating your way from Chichester to Puerto Banús, or the skill required in manually rigging a sailing boat. The Boating Hub sailing portal is all about helping you to learn sailing, take on new learning, or refresh something you already know, but need to brush up on.

Sailing Portal and Central Training Information Point

What we’ve done at the Boating Hub is to create a hub of sailing course information. So instead of having to trawl the Internet and visit dozens of websites in order to try and gather the information you’re looking for on a specific training course, such as powerboat courses, you can now go to one central point – the Boating Hub website, where you can view everything you need, without all of that ducking and diving about (no pun intended). You can then make an informed choice, and pick the right course for you.

Making the Sailing Training Selection Process a Whole Lot Easier

Finding the right training course is not as simple as you may at first think. But using the new Boating Hub sailing portal has made the process a whole lot easier. Here are some of the things it enables you to do:

  • View a comprehensive listing of practical training courses
  • View a comprehensive listing of theory training courses
  • See a number of combined practical and theory courses
  • Get an appreciation of what you will learn
  • Search out the organisations running the courses
  • Establish where the courses are being held
  • Establish when the courses are being held

The other really useful thing is that you can track down training schools all over the world, not just here in the UK. For example you can find courses that are being held in:

  • Balearic Islands
  • Canary Islands
  • Caribbean
  • France
  • Gibraltar
  • Greece
  • Malta
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Turkey

There’s more……..

The sailing portal not only shows you the individual sailing schools in the various countries, but it enables you to visit each school at the mere click of a mouse button. One you click through, you can view all of the courses that particular school is running, get some invaluable information about the school, and their contact details, including name, telephone number, and website address.

Additional Sailing Site Features

In addition to taking all of the hard work out of booking the right RYA sailing course for you, at the right time and in the most convenient location, the new sailing portal also has the following features:

  • A map to allow you to zero in and drill down into the training schools all over the world
  • A listing of all courses being held in the immediate future, showing where they’re being held, exactly when they’re being held, and who the school is.
  • A Marine directory listing the outlets that sell all of the services and products applicable to sailing
  • The Boat Charter, which is a section whereby you can hire any type of boat, almost anywhere in the world
  • Access to the blog, where you can keep current with what is happening in the world of sailing

The Font of all Knowledge

So, for anyone who wants to know anything about sailing, the new Boating Hub sailing portal is pretty much the font of all knowledge. Why not check it out now? Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak to someone in person, why not give us a call.

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