Let’s Make Finding Sailing Courses Plain Sailing

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The London 2012 Olympics have certainly helped increase the exposure of sailing in the UK, with Ben Ainslie‘s astonishing achievement really helping to inspire a whole new generation. As an island nation the UK has always enjoyed its boating and sailing heritage, but there’s one thing it hasn’t always enjoyed… until now.

Because the one thing we’ve heard people say many times in the past is how terribly difficult it is to actually find a suitable sailing course or training provider. It really shouldn’t be that difficult.

Let's Make Finding Sailing Courses Plain SailingThe problem is though that there hasn’t been one single central place where sailing enthusiasts can go to find out the information they need. For those entirely new to the sport it is almost impossible to find out the information needed in any efficient and accurate way, and even for those with plenty of nautical miles under their belt, it still isn’t easy.

We’ve known many people spend hours just trawling through Google results trying to find RYA training centres or boating training providers, contacting each one in turn to try to find out details about the courses on offer. Sometimes this means making lots of phone calls, not always getting through, or to the right person, and sometimes it means sending off emails or filling forms, not all of which may be replied to within a reasonable time period.

Once all the information has been collated it’s then a task of comparing what’s on offer, and this isn’t easy when you have notes from phone calls, emails, letters and so forth scattered across your desk and desktop.

The Boating Hub – Launching A New Way To Embark On Boating Training

Thank goodness that’s all changing. We felt that it was about time the whole boating training world was brought up to speed and made simpler, faster and more accurate. After all, with the Olympics recently causing a huge surge in interest we feel it’s more important than ever that we make it as easy as possible for people to find the boating course they need.

You’ll see that on our new look website we’ve brought the whole process of finding RYA training courses, yachmaster courses and all manner of other sailing training courses down to just two clicks. Two clicks and you’re done. It couldn’t very well be much simpler could it? We did toy with the idea of getting it down to one click, but then we thought that really we needed to leave something for our visitors to do!

So step one is to choose the type of course you’re interested in. We’ve listed everything from powerboat lessons for both beginners and more experienced people, right through to advanced RYA yachmaster courses. Once you’ve chosen the course, the second click of your mouse is to choose the country or region you’re looking to train in. There are plenty of courses across the UK, but we’re also happy to cater for those abroad, or those looking to go abroad to train.

Two Clicks And You’re Ready To Set Sail

Once you’ve worked your way through those monumental two clicks, we’ll unroll a list of all suitable courses for your delight and enjoyment! You’ll find that we have included as much information as we can, from how much experience you need to the course dates, the exact location and even a brief description of what the course covers.

If you find a sailing course that sounds ideal, then once you’re registered on our site it’s just one more click to contact the training centre and take the next step to aqua heaven!

Make sure you bookmark this blog as we’ll be releasing further details, information and advice about sailing courses and boating training very soon! Go on – bookmark it now!

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Find Boating Courses

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