Eco-Friendly Boating – 10 Top Tips

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We’re all told that we have to step up our so-called ‘bit’ in 2013 and the boaters of the UK are no exceptions…it’s time to go even greener, people!

The good news however is that that taking things a little further in terms of eco-boating really doesn’t have to be much of an ask, but is more a case of getting into one or two (or ten!) good habits when on and off the water.

So, if looking for a few pointers that might just help you sleep even better at night, give thought to the following top-ten eco-boating tips from the experts:

  1. Tuning – Be sure to keep your engine or engines in as good repairs as possible in order to minimise the possibility of oil and fuel leaks. Just the odd tune-up here and there can make all the difference in the world, as can adding any number of pillows and pads you can use to soak up any drips or spills that might occur.
  2. Spare the Spills – And in the same vein as the above, be sure to use the correct oil changing pump and supplies when looking to go about an oil change in order to prevent as many spillages and drips as possible – it all adds up!  Oil Change
  3. Slow Fuelling – When looking to add more fuel to the boat’s tank, but sure to use the appropriate tools, surround the tank with pads to catch drips and take your time to avoid spillages. Also, never forget to take expansion into account – i.e. don’t go filling your tank right to the brim as the increase in pressure will increase the chance of leakage…leave at least 5% empty.
  4. Ditch the Soap – In case you weren’t already aware, the use of soap for the dispersal of oil and fuel spills is not only harmful, but it’s also illegal…don’t do it!
  5. Dry Dock – If you need to carry out any serious maintenance or repairs…or even a thorough cleaning…try your best to do so as little as possible on the water.
  6. Positive Paints – When applying a touch-up of paint or perhaps going about a full makeover, try to make sure that the paints you use for at least the bottom of the boat are as non-toxic as possible, so as not to leach too many toxins into the water.
  7. Positive Paints 2 – And following on from the above, try not to overdo it with overly thick paint or lumpy finished as chances are these will find their way into the water even faster.
  8. Proper Disposal – There are sites and facilities all over the place set up for no reason other than the safe disposal of batteries, oil, cleaning products, chemicals and so on…use them!
  9. Trash Habits – If you’re in the nasty habit of throwing the odd bit of trash over the side of the boat…even something small as a cigarette butt…you really need to cut it out right now and start using abundantly available trash disposal resources on land.
  10. Green Products – Last but not least, try to opt for 100% green and organic soaps, cleaners and pretty much any other products you plan to use on board that could find their way into the water.

So what’s your attitude toward eco-boating? Leave your thoughts below and share how you feel about it.

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