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FAQ’s: Superyacht Diploma Course

What will you get out of the Superyacht Diploma course?

Accredited by the University of Portsmouth, this course is designed to give potential crew candidates, whether stewards, deck or engineers, an edge in applying for a position in this highly sought after career path.

It is an online, e-learning course designed to give you a good idea of what happens aboard a superyacht in order to make the owners’ and guests lives comfortable and relaxed at all times aboard. 

How much will this Superyacht course cost including exam fees?

The whole course will cost £149. (approx. USD $230, or 210 EUROS)

What are your limits on passing it?

This course should be considered an adjunct to any other training. You will for example have to have your Professional Practices and Responsibilities certificate to work on any British flagged vessel but you will also need to have the relevant seafaring or stewarding certificates in order to even hope to be selected for a job in this field.

The Superyacht Diploma course is designed to compliment these certificates to show you are willing to go that extra mile in your preparations for a life at sea supporting the rich and famous.

Is the course theory, practical or both?

This course is online only and as such is purely theoretical.

Where can you take this course?

Though UK based, the course is available for anyone with an internet connection. You could be at Point Nemo in the South Pacific and use a satellite connection to sit the course for example…

Can you do it in another country?

Yes, you can take it anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection

What level of experience do you need before you begin?

You need no prior experience to do the course, though you would have no hope of getting a job with this course alone! You should only do the Superyacht Diploma as part of a career path into hospitality, engineering or seamanship aboard luxury yachts.

How long does the Superyacht Diploma take to complete?

Typically it will take you 25 – 35 hours to do the course. This can be done in your own time.

What does the course involve?

This course is designed to teach you how life works aboard a superyacht. With over 18 units it covers superyacht types, profiles and where they operate, as well as life onboard for the crew and the general ways and means operations take place. You will look at Health and Safety, as well as the general skills that all crew are supposed to have aboard a large seafaring yacht.   

How do I progress after completing it?

If you already have seafaring qualifications then you should start applying for work. You could also use this towards applying for Higher Education at the University of Portsmouth, or as a first step toward seafaring qualifications.

Does it give you international accreditation?

No, it does not supplant any other internationally recognised or mandated seafaring qualifications.

Further Resources:

For more information on the course visit where you can apply for the course direct, or take a look at the course outline.

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