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FAQ’s: IYT Superyacht Hospitality Course

What will you get out of the Superyacht Hospitality course?

There are largely two roles aboard a superyacht – getting it from A-B safely and with minimum fuss to the owners and guests as a seafaring crewmember, and ensuring their stay is delightful and relaxing through the hospitality crew.

As a hospitality crewmember your role will be to ensure the guests have as relaxing and enjoyable experience as possible, whether through being poured the right drinks at the right time, sleeping on freshly laundered sheets, or seeing a perfectly clean interior at all times.

This requires training and experience so you remain almost invisible yet through your work, they have a memorable experience.

How much will the course cost?

This course will typically cost USD $950* depending on where you do it.

* Approx. £610 or 860 EUROS

What are your limits on passing the IYT Superyacht Hospitality training course?

This is not a seafaring course but it is an essential element of life aboard a superyacht. Having such a qualification will enable you to work on luxury vessels all over the world and with experience, can open doors to a career in bijoux hospitality afloat and ashore. 

Is the course theory based, practical or both?

It is mainly shorebased (theory), with practical elements.

Where can you take it?

The IYT has outlets operating all over the world so doing it in another country shouldn't be a problem. The course is recognised by skippers everywhere too.

What level of experience do you need before you begin?

None, but do consider doing the IYT STCW course as well to cement your potential as an employee aboard some of the largest, most beautiful yachts in the world.

Duration - How long does it take?

The course takes five days to complete.

What exactly does the course involve?

The first day equips you with the language and understanding of life aboard a superyacht. Though you won’t be making the vessel go, you will need to know what someone means by ‘meet in the waist at 1600 for a crew briefing’, and that this is not some worrying rite of passage for new crewmembers…

The next day will cover dinner and service. There are a number of elements to silver service that make the waiters and staff almost invisible while the food is served in a certain way.

The next day will be spent learning how to run and operate a bar, with the various techniques and points to remember in serving from there.

Day four will be spent showing how to clean with and without guests aboard, and ensuring that the vessel is spotless at all times, whether after a rough night at sea or a wild party…

The fifth day will be about rounding up these skills and qualifying.

How do you progress after completing it?

With your IYT STCW you can go on to apply for jobs in the industry.

Does it give you international accreditation?

No, but the qualification will make you very employable in the competitive jobs market, and is recognised by skippers all over the world.

Futher Resources;

Have a look around the IYT website for more information and to what it actually involves. 

Take a look at the course outline here.

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