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FAQ’s: RYA Refresher Course (Motor/Power)

What will you get out of the RYA Motor Refresher course?

This five day course is for people who have already completed an RYA motor cruising course and may have been away from the sea for a time. Here you will get your sea legs back, and cover all the parts of the course you feel lacking in to get cruising safely again.

How much will the course cost?

This will cost around £600 / US $945 / 840 EUROS depending on where and when you wish to take it. Consult the training centre to see if this varies with ‘own boat’ tuition.

What are your limits on passing the Refresher (Motor) course?

Your limits will be those dictated by your original sailing qualification. If you are a Day Skipper, this would be day sailing and only a few hours of twilight or dusk, but with Coastal Skipper the limits are greater.

Is the course theory based or practical?

Since much coastal cruising is based on theoretical knowledge – and this is the bit you’re most likely to forget due to lack of mental use – do consider asking your instructor for advice on things like lights, passage planning and coastal navigation. You will of course cover engine maintenance, pilotage and manoeuvring at high and low speed.  

What level of experience do you need?

This course is designed for someone who has a certain amount of experience at sea but has had a gap and needs to refresh their minds as to the skills and techniques of motor cruising. To gain the qualifications in the first place you’ll have had to have the required experience described on the RYA website.

How long does the course take?

This is a five day course.

What does it involve?

This course will involve everything you want it to involve. You may be nervous of going out in heavy weather – you can arrange to go out in winter to remember how to use the winds to help steer, or know how much to ease the throttles in heavy seas.

You may have forgotten the intricacies of high speed position fixing using landmarks – and need to jog your mind on that. Modern GPS and electronic charts can be baffling and you may have learned your Day Skipper in the days before these became standard (which wasn’t that long ago!).

You may wish to cover engine maintenance on modern engines. Again, this course will cover these and any other worries you may have about being safe at sea on a motor cruiser.   

How do you progress after completing the Refresher (Motor) course?

You can either go back to the sea after your break, or progress through the RYA syllabus where you left off. It is up to you!

Further Resources

Click the ‘view courses now’ below to find out where you can take the RYA Refresher (Motor) course, but also have a look at the RYA website for an idea as to what you will need to refresh on before you begin. 

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