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All About The RYA Powerboat Advanced Course

How much will Powerboat Advanced cost including exam fees?

Typically the price will be around £350/$530/480 EUROS, however if you want this to be commercially endorsed you will need to sit a formal exam which costs an additional $260/£171/235 EUROS.

What will you learn?

With the commercial endorsement, this qualification is recognised by major organisations such as the police, military and RNLI. You will have to do it if you are to skipper a boat with them. This shows a high level of competence skippering a powerboat in all weather conditions, day or night, as well as a high level of proficiency in navigation at speed, over longer distances.

What are your limits after passing it?

Your limits are only those you consider safe, and the course teaches you to consider where those limits lie.

Is the course practical or theory?

It is a part theory (onshore), part practical course (offshore).

Where can you take the RYA Powerboat Advanced course?

You can take the advanced powerboating course anywhere, as long as the training center has been accredited by the RYA.

Please be aware that you can only take the commercial endorsement in the UK.

Can you do the course in another country?

Up to the point of the examination you can, though you must do the exam in the UK.

What level of experience is required?

Unlike the other RYA Powerboat courses this requires a considerable level of skill and experience. You must possess a valid GMDSS and Radio Operator’s Certificate as well as a current First Aid certificate.

You need a minimum of 30 days at sea with a minimum of 2 of those as skipper. You should have covered 800 miles in that time aboard a powerboat. Of this time you should have a minimum of 12 night hours at sea.

Ideally you should also have a Day Skipper Theory certificate to prove your navigational, passage planning and safety skills, as well as knowledge of the law of the sea.

How long does it take to complete?

It will take two days, plus one day day for the exam.

What does the RYA Powerboat Advanced course involve?

This is an intensive course geared to enabling the qualification holder to conduct passages at speed in all conditions, day or night.

The course itself covers a night passage where a number of night passage making techniques are taught.

You will cover advanced engine maintenance, recap Man Overboard techniques, and also fire prevention and firefighting. In the classroom you will also look at weather forecasting, as well as passage planning according to the weather.

On the second day you will cover low speed boat handling and close quarters boat handling. You will learn how to use two engines effectively, for instance in using them to do tighter turns.

Upon completion of the course the leisure boater will be issued with a certificate. Those who wish to get a commercial endorsement then must sit a day long exam.

What courses should I take after completing this one?

You can go on to be a professional power boater, working with the RNLI or other professional organisations, which will help you develop your skills according to their protocols and procedures. 

Does the advanced RYA powerboating course give you international accreditation?

If you sit the Maritime and Coastguard Agency exam at the end of the course, this commercial endorsement is recognised internationally. Alternatively, apply through the RYA for an International Certificate of Competence.

What other resources are available?

Look for our First Aid courses and the Radio Operators certificate as well. 

Check out the syllabus here.

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