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FAQ's: All About The RYA VHF SRC Radio course

How much will the VHF / SRC course cost including exam fees?

If you do the online course this will typically cost 100 EUROS/$115/£75 plus the 80 EUROS/£90/£60 exam fee. Total 180 EUROS/$210/£135.

What will you get out of taking it?

VHF is still the only recognised form of communication between ship and ship, and ship and shore, all over the world. Where there may be mobile phone signal ‘dead spots’ off the coast, there is rarely such with VHF near most populated areas of the world.

This license will enable you to use a VHF anywhere in the world.

What are your limits once you complete the course?

You can only use VHF for Short Range Communications (SRC).

Is this course shorebased (theory), practical or online?

The VHF SRC course is entirely theoretical, though you will use radio simulators as part of the exam and training. You can also take the course online.

Where can you take this Marine Radio course?

You can either sit the course on a 10 hour online course, or do it in a classroom.

You will have to sit the exam at an RYA accredited training centre. You can do the course on an iPad, tablet, Mac or PC, that can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

Can you do it in another country?

Yes, though you will have to sit the exam at an RYA accredited centre.

What level of experience do you need before you begin the course?

None, though it is advisable to learn the Phonetic Alphabet as you will be tested on this. Have a look at the RYA page on the subject for more information.

How long does the course take?

10 hours plus time to do the exam.

What does the VHF SRC Radio involve?

You will learn how to use a VHF set, and what channels are to be used in what circumstances.

You will cover the protocols of using the VHF to get help or assist another vessel in getting that help.

You will learn about making ship to shore telephone calls, as well as how to use Digital Selective Calling using a simulator.

You will learn the protocols of using Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs) and the systems used in Search And Rescue (SART)

How do I progress after completing it?

For most yachting you won’t need more. Consider a Single Side Band (SSB) course for international radio communications, though this is being sidelined with the advent of satellite telephones and internet.

Does it provide international accreditation?

Yes it does. It is recognised all over the world, and conforms to treaties set down by the EU and International Maritime Organisation

Where can I learn more about the course?

Have a look at a comprehensive FAQ’s list on this page, view the syllabus Browse our website for more information as to who offers the course or download the RYA VHF Radio SRC Syllabus and Sample Questions eBook.

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