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FAQ’s: Fast Track RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Xpress Course

How much does the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Xpress cost?

It will cost up to USD $18,000 (approx. GBP £11,900 or 16,100 EUROS ) depending on what level you wish to get to.

All sailing schools charge differently so it’s worth shopping around.

What will you get out of it?

Over intensive 18 weeks training you will go from no assumed knowledge at all to a commercial Yachtmaster Offshore or MCA Yachtmaster Ocean. This is for someone who wants to become a superyacht or megayacht skipper with no previous knowledge prior to doing the course.

As the fees involved suggest, this is only for someone who is serious about wanting to skipper a yacht for a living. 

What are your limits on passing the Yachtmaster Xpress course?

If you have the MCA Yachtmaster Ocean with commercial endorsement you will be able to skipper the biggest luxury yachts afloat.

Though in theory you will be able to skipper a billionaire’s plaything around Cape Horn in a storm, in reality you will be moving the yacht serenely between the Med, Caribbean and possibly the South Pacific via the Panama Canal for a living… Hardly a bad life!

Is the course theory based, practical or both?

Around 50% of the course will be theory and 50% practical.

You will be expected to have a very good knowledge of navigation, seamanship, and international treaties on seafaring, as well as a sound knowledge of making the vessel go where you want it to.

Can you take the course in another country?

Yes and no – the Maritime and Coastguard Agency requires key parts of the course to be done in the UK but you may travel all over the world in getting the sea miles and experience in. 

Not all RYA schools offer it so have a look around the Boating Hub website to find a course near you.

What level of experience do you need before you begin the Yachtmaster Xpress course?

You don’t need any experience in theory but in practice, unless you have enough experience at sea to know this is the path you wish to take in life, don’t consider the course.

What is the duration of the course?

Generally you will be fast tracked over a 18 week period, however some sailing schools may offer different durations.

What does this set of courses involve?

Have a look here for information as to specifics of the courses you will need to do.

How do you progress after completing this?

Consider the full RYA / MCA Yachtmaster Ocean certification as this is the top of the tree in terms of UK sailing qualifications.

You will have skippered a yacht on oceanic passages and should be able to tackle whatever is thrown at you competently and safely.

Does it give you international accreditation?

Yes. This is a professional sailing course designed to enable you to sail superyachts anywhere in the world. You will be able to serve the world’s jet set.

Where can I learn more?

Take a look at this page from the RYA;

An example of the syllabus can be found here;

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