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FAQs: RYA Keelboat Level 2 (Basic Skills) Course

How much will the Keelboat Basic Skills course cost including exam fees?

The price you will pay to complete the course will be around $380-$760 / 330-660 EUROS / £250-£500 depending on how long you take to complete the course, where you do it, what time of year you do it, and whether you’re doing the course as an individual or with someone else. Sorry we can't be more exact!

What will you get out of it?

This will take the basic skills you learned on the RYA Keelboat Level 1 and teach you how to sail more efficiently and safely. The course is primarily practical and you will get a lot of time on the water, helming and crewing the boat.

You may be able to take the boat out on a short coastal day sail or join in on a club fun day race. You will certainly find yourself considered a competent crewmember in a club racing series.

What are your limits on passing the course?

You will be able to sail safely in sheltered waters in a bit more of a sea and wind than on completion of the previous course.

Is the Keelboat Level 2 course theory, practical or both?

It is primarily practical though you will cover a number of elements ashore, such as reading the weather, safety skills and rope work.

Where can you take the course?

Have a look at our website for an idea where to do the course. You can do it anywhere that has RYA accreditation to do it.

Can you do it in another country?

Yes. RYA courses run around the world.

What level of experience do you need before you begin the course?

You should have an RYA level 1 sailing certificate. This might mean in dinghies, keelboats or cruising yachts. You can do the course without an RYA Level 1 certificate, though you should know your way around a boat and the basic skills surrounding sailing.

How long does the Keelboat Level 1 take to complete?

It takes 2-3 days depending on how comfortable you are sailing, and how much you want to take out of it. The more you learn, the greater skills you have, the better and more competent you will be.

So, what does the course involve?

You will spend 2-3 days on the water, learning boat handling under all points of sail, gybing, tacking through the wind.

You will cover helmsmanship and crewing, as well as docking and undocking safely.

Ashore you will cover the basic Collision Regulations, manoeuvres for man overboard, as well as meteorology and rope work.

How do I progress after completing the Basic Skills course?

You can either do an RYA Level 3 Keelboat course, or go straight to an RYA Advanced Skills course for keelboats. Alternatively you can consider a cruising or dinghy qualification.

Does it give you international accreditation?

No, but the RYA is widely recognised as one of the world’s best sail training organisations. You can take your skills abroad, and with the certificate can show you know your way around a boat. 

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