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Course FAQ's: RYA Keelboat Level 1 – Start Sailing

How much will the Keelboat Level 1 Start Sailing course cost including exam fees?

It will cost between $300-$450 / £200-£300 / 265-400 EUROS depending on where you do the course and what time of year you do it.

What will you get out of this?

A keelboat is defined as a displacement boat that you do not sleep aboard. This might be a classic fishing boat / fishing boat replica or one of the faster all out racing boats of today’s design.

You will learn the basics of sailing, from taking the boat off the dock to sailing in a fair wind at all points of sail, to returning the vessel to the dock.

You will learn the theoretical essentials of sailing, including man overboard, basic meteorology, and collision avoidance.

What are your limits on passing Keelboat Level 1?

You will be able to sail in light winds, and crew a keelboat competently. Don’t expect to take on Ben Ainslie!

Is the course theory, practical or a combination of both?

The course is primarily about practical skills, though you will learn theory such as meteorology, collision regulations, and safety at sea.

Where can you take the RYA Keelboat Level 1 course?

You can take the course anywhere in the world offering RYA courses. Use our search tool to find out where you can do it near you.

Can you do it in another country?

You sure can, you just need to find a qualified RYA instructor.

What level of experience do you need before you begin this?

None, just jump right in!

How long does it take to finish?

The duration of this course is 2 days.

What does this course involve?

You will cover the basics required to be a competent sailor on a keelboat. You will learn rope work and knots, how to read the weather, as well as safety skills.

Afloat you will learn how to turn the boat through the wind in tacks and gybes, how to sail at different points of sail, and the different roles of the crew aboard the boat.

You will also learn how to sail onto and off the dock under sail and power.

How do I progress after completing it?

You can go on through the RYA Keelboat programme, starting with the Keelboat Level 2 (Basic Skills) qualification or look at learning to sail a yacht or dinghy.

Does it give you international accreditation?

No, but RYA training schemes are recognised all over the world. Someone with an RYA qualification will be recognised as having strong skills almost everywhere with a sailing scene.

Where can I learn more about the RYA Keelboat Level 1 Start Sailing course?

Take a look at this syllabus, or click the 'View Courses Now' button below to find a course near you.

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