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FAQ’s – About The RYA Interactive Online Courses

Prices - How much do they cost?

Dependent on which course you take they can cost up to £100 (approx. $150 or 135 EUROS). The price is also dependent on which training company you go with.

Are the RYA Interactive courses shorebased, practical or both?

These are entirely theoretical courses that are completed online, and tested online.

Where can you take them?

You can take the courses anywhere in the world with an internet connection. With the INMARSAT constellation of communication satellites this can now mean in the middle of the Sahara Desert or Point Nemo in the Southern Ocean just as easily as you can on a cold wet evening in Hamble…

What level of experience do you need before you begin?

None, you can take these courses in any order regardless of your skill levels.

How long do the courses take?

The courses take up to 40 hours depending on what you do, and how much effort you want to put into them.

What do the interactive courses involve?

There are currently five courses available on the RYA Interactive scheme:

CEVNI is the course you need to pass in order to take any vessel on many of the major inland waterways of continental Europe, including the Seine, Rhine and Danube. You will have to sit an exam for this separately.

The Essential Navigation and Seamanship course covers the basics of navigation, including buoyage and chart use, as well as the points you need to remember when you take a vessel out to sea. This is a good grounding before you sit the classroom phase of the RYA Day Skipper, and want to skipper your vessel on short outings in daylight hours safely.

The Marine Radio Short Range Certificate Information course is for those who want to be confident ahead of the VHF license exam. It can be taken in the place of the day long classroom course. You will have to arrange to sit the exam separately.

The Professional Practices and Responsibilities course is a first baby step towards your minimum professional requirements as a professional deckhand or officer aboard a commercial yacht. This forms part of your wider training to attain the certification required in your chosen professional field as a seafarer.

RYA Interactive is also a portal for applying to become a racing coach, or to run a cruising instructor course, as well as the Laser Radial Transition squad.

How do I progress after completing these courses?

You would progress in the direction of your choice, depending on which courses you decide to take.

  • The VHF course is useful for all vessels.
  • The CEVNI course will enable you to visit the inland regions of Europe.
  • The Essential Navigation and Seamanship course will start you on your way through the cruising syllabus while the professional practices course will enable you to start your path toward becoming a seafarer.

Where can I learn more about the course?

Read this article to find out why they’re such a success.

Conditions of Recognition for RYA Interactive.

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