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RYA Dinghy Day Sailing

How much will the Dinghy Day Sailing course cost including exam fees?

This can cost up to £400 (Approx $620, or 510 EUROS) per person depending on who you’re doing it with, where you’re doing it and whether you can get a club discount.

What will you get out of completing this course?

There are two types of sailors in the world, those who are in a hurry to get everywhere and race around the buoys, and those who want to explore. This is for the explorers who are perhaps curious about what’s up that creek, rather than the racers who are more interested in reaching the buoy or line before anyone else.

What are your limits on passing this?

This teaches you about sailing safely in challenging conditions. Where racers tend to be supervised while pushing their boats to the max, explorers tend not to be supervised and as such want to get home safely.

Is the Dinghy Day Sailing course theory, practical or both?

There is a shorebased element to this course, covering pilotage and navigation in daylight hours. You will also cover the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea. You will be tested on your practical skills as well, such as capsize and dealing with other emergency situations.

Where can you take this course?

You can do the RYA Day Sailing course anywhere in the world there is a centre with RYA accreditation offering the course.

Can you do this in another country?


What level of sailing experience do you need before you begin?

You should have your RYA Dinghy Level 1 and RYA Dinghy Level 2 qualifications or be able to demonstrate you have the skills to pass that course.

How long does the course take?

2 days, though this can be combined with another course such as Spinnakers or the RYA Level 2 over a week.

What does it involve?

This course takes the sailor with basic skills and covers the techniques necessary for longer distance day sailing. From collision avoidance to pilotage to basic day navigation, the course enables you to sail independently, perhaps with a boom tent as you beach hop along the coast on a protracted adventure. It also focuses on dealing with emergencies such as man overboard and capsize.

How do I progress after completing the Day Sailing Course?

Unlike the other dinghy courses that focus on racing, perhaps you should consider an RYA cruising yachting course? These give you the skills to sail in deeper waters in darkness as well as daytime.

Alternatively you can do a Spinnakers or Performance Sailing course to perfect your dinghy sailing skills.

Does it give you international accreditation?


Where can I learn more about day sailing?

Look at any one of a number of sailing books and DVDs via the RYA website

Look at the RYA website for a better idea as to what this course involves.

Don’t forget to look at our website to find out where to do the RYA Dinghy Day Sailing course!

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