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FAQ's: About The Mile Building Passage for RYA

How much will the Mile Building Passage for RYA course cost including exam fees?

Over a week this can cost around £700 (around $1,100 or 880 Euros) depending on when you take it, and where you do it.

What will you get out of the Mile Building Passage?

You get as much or as little as you want out of this course.

It is essentially a cruise with an RYA instructor aboard to get your minimum miles in for a specific RYA qualification, be this the Day Skipper (Sail)  or Yachtmaster (Motor) – and everything between. You can get your night hours as well as skipper hours in, while having a really fun time.

Some of these trips are in the Caribbean and others in the Mediterranean so if you’re suffering from damp bilges and soggy rigging in the UK, do look for a course where the sun shines and when rain is a time to get the soap out for a wash instead of the norm…

What are your limits on passing it?

This is not an RYA qualification per se, so though with the experience gained from the course will give you greater confidence, there are no recommended limits except within the parameters of the qualification you possess when you start the course.

Is it theory based, practical or both?

This is practical though you can ask the instructor to help with any weaknesses you have with regard the theoretical side. You’re paying their wages so it is up to you…

Where can you take the course?

Anywhere in the world with an RYA instructor qualified to teach the level of sailing you wish to aspire to. If you are going for the Yachtmaster Offshore then be sure to have a Yachtmaster Instructor aboard the vessel.

What level of experience do you need before you begin?

You need no experience at all. You might do this with a view to skipping the Competent Crew and going straight into Day Skipper. This is about building your experience and confidence at sea.

Duration: How long does it take?

The passage can take a week. If you want 1000 miles of experience with 30 night hours in one hit then you can have the course tailored accordingly. 

What does the passage involve?

Look at the qualification you are working toward for details for what you need to become confident and pass first time.

Essentially this is the most flexible course of all RYA cruising courses, with the primary aim of getting those miles in. You may do the Middle Sea Race course in the Med, of the RORC Caribbean 600 route. If you need skippering hours you can get those in - night hours the same.

For instance, if you need coaching in passage planning, then get involved! The instructor will be happy to help.

How do I progress after completing the RYA Mile Building Passage course?

This varies according to the qualification you seek. Look at your RYA syllabus for details. If you’re going for a Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster, these are all achievable with a mile building passage.

Does it give you international accreditation?


Where can I learn more about the course?

Take a look at this specific course to find out more about what’s involved.

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