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FAQ’s: IYT STCW Course

How much does the IYT STCW course cost?

This course will cost around USD $1500* depending on where and when you do the course.

* Approx. £960, or 1,350 EUROS

What will you get out of the IYT approved STCW course?

The course is designed to facilitate you with the essential minimum skills to work as crew on a superyacht or other commercial vessel, in addition to your specialist training in the hospitality or the seafaring sections of the crew. It is mandated by law in many countries, and this course is recognised by 25 governments worldwide.

It comprises of five modules that all seafarers should pass in order to work professionally as a sailor or in the hospitality sections at sea.

What are your limits on passing the course?

Without this, you won’t even be considered for a job on a superyacht. This is an essential part of your training towards qualifying to take on a job of this kind. You may be planning on a career as a deckhand, officer, engineer or in the hospitality sections of the crew – in most cases, meeting the internationally agreed minima of the STCW is required as part of your portfolio of certification.

Is this course theory, practical or both?

There will be theoretical elements but a large part of the five units are practical.

Where can you take the IYT STCW course?

There are course providers in 25 countries so do look for one in your region.

Can you do this in another country?

Yes, you just need to find an approved IYT training centre.

What level of experience do you need before you begin?

You need no prior experience to do the IYT STCW course – you must however be certain that you want to be a professional seafarer before you apply to do it!

How long does the course take?

The course takes six days, usually from first thing on Monday to close of play on the Saturday.

What does it involve?

You must pass the following five modules in order to qualify for this certification:

Marine Firefighting and Fire Prevention is a unit that covers how to tackle fires should you find them at sea, as well as the good practices that you should have in mind at all times to prevent one from occurring.

First Aid will cover the essential elements of first aid, as well as elements peculiar to life at sea.

Sea Survival covers what to do in the event of falling overboard of abandoning ship.

Personal Safety and Social Responsibility covers the ways that you should behave at sea, watching for coamings and other trip hazards for example, as well as the stringent environmental laws around seafaring.

Maritime Security Awareness – whether from pirates, stowaways or people trying to blag their way aboard while you are alongside the dock, there are a number of things to remember to maintain the safety and comfort of crew and passengers at sea and while at the dock.

How do you progress after completing this?

You will progress to your chosen specialism and training.

Does it give you international accreditation?

Yes – this course is recognised in 25 countries worldwide.

Where can you learn more about the course?

Have a look around The Boating Hub for more information about where to the course and at the IYT website for more information what it entails.

You may also find some useful information here.

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