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Online Skipper Course Categories R (Inland Water) and E (1 Nautical Mile for the coastline)

To operate a vessel, smaller or equal to 9 meters with an engine larger than 15hp – jet skis included, on dams, rivers, sea and in harbours in South Africa, a skipper license is required.  The penalties for operating without a license are high and inspectors are clamping down on those operating without a license.

The online course prepares the student to write the final SAMSA exam with a registered SAMSA examiner. Because of the lock down in South Africa, students can now book and write the final exam online with SA Skippers Online. This is an added advantage for South African expats as they can now get their licenses before they visit South Africa and save the time for sitting with an examiner.

Students can complete the course in their own time and from the safety of their homes. The course is divided into 7 lessons and students have  to get 80% or better for a quiz at the completion of each lesson, before they can continue to the next lesson. This ensures that the student have an good comprehension of the material they have just covered.

Experience Needed to Take this Course

R-LICENSE – Dams and RiversThis license allows the holder to operate on dams, rivers, lakes, lagoons and harbors in South Africa.

Must be 16 years or olderMedical fitLog of a minimum of 25 hours on dams or rivers . To be signed by the applicant/student.

E-LICENSE – 1 Nautical mile from the coast and maximum 15 nautical miles from a safe port of entry.

Must be 16 years or olderMedical fitLog of a minimum of 50 hours on the sea. To be signed off  by a licensed sea skipper.


South Africa

Course Type

Motorized Vessels - Entry Level

Course Address

664 Sarel Ave, Mountainview, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0082

Upcoming Dates for this Course


every week

As the course is an online facility, it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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