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Bareboat Skipper

The International Bareboat Skipper (Day skipper equivalent) is a valuable course/qualification and recognised as evidence of competence by insurance and charter companies worldwide. Perfect if you are considering a bareboat holiday. This course is designed to develop your leadership skills and confidence in charge of a yacht.

Automatically qualifies for the ICC.

5 days course

Private cabin guarantee

Experience Needed to Take this Course

The minimum suggested pre-course experience is 10 days at sea, 200 miles and 4 night hours. The International Crew / Competent Crew course>> is an ideal prerequisite. It is also beneficial to have a basic knowledge of navigation. Participants must be at least 16 years of age.



Course Type

Day Skipper Practical Sailing

Course Address

Marina Olhão, Olhão, 8500

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every week

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