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Long Range Certificate (LRC)

You have just been given this scenario "Your vessel is 220 nautical miles west of Ireland. You have just received a DSC distress alert transmission from a ship in your vicinity.. This digital message says the vessel is on fire. You have not heard any voice transmission. Neither have you received any other messages from the Coast Guard or other vessels".

In front of you are VHF and HF/MF radios, an Inmarsat-C terminal and an Inmarsat Fleet 77 terminal.  What are you going to do? What is the correct procedure to follow?

Oh, by the way, every button you press and every transmission you make is recorded and you know that your instructors will be watching for your mistakes.  They want to make sure that if ever you are in this situation for real, you will know EXACTLY what to do!

Experience Needed to Take this Course

None, but if you do not already have a marine radio qualification (e.g. SRC), we will be asking you to do some online study before joining the course.



Course Type

Marine Radio (VHF/SRC)

Course Address

Dublin (Port), Ireland

Upcoming Dates for this Course

17th February


The course runs from 0900 hours Wednesday until 1700 Saturday,  The venue is in Dublin (Port), Ireland.  The course fee is Euro 395 including course materials, exam and LRC certificate.

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