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Yachtmaster Sail and Power theory, qualifying miles and exam prep

Yachtmaster Sail and Power 

We run customised yachtmaster prep courses as we know that everyone is different.

More of a custom course than a fast track yachtmaster.

We start with an intensive theory week and theory exams.

this is followed by any additional course you need such as VHF or First aid.

We can provide STCW 2010 basic training including security if required.

We then move to the practical application of the theory and skills development.

We do not want to find that you are asked to undertake a task in an exam that you are not familiar with!

Consideration is given to your individual skills in the following areas: 

Boat handling , anchoring ,sail handling, emergency procedures, MOB.

Navigation, pilotage,passage planning, night and blind navigation.

safety ,maintenance, crew and boat management.

we will also consider your experience and see how we may best plan for your exam success.

Experience Needed to Take this Course

To come on the yachtmaster prep you must meet the RYA minimum requirement for sea time and skipper experience.

If you are short on a specific area then we will help address the requirement with you.



Course Type

Combined - Practical & Theory
Yachtmaster Fast Track

Course Address

Passage joan de borbobarcelona 08003

Upcoming Dates for this Course

14th September


10th of

every month

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