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RYA Competent Crew in the Greek Islands.

You'll start the day with breakfast in the cockpit, enjoying the sunshine and the view of a typical Greek port, and chatting with your fellow crew.

Your instructor will brief you on the day's activities - where you are sailing to and what you'll do. Once everything on board is stowed away, you'll set sail and you'll take your turn steering the yacht, handling the sails, and joining in all the day's activities.

At lunchtime you'll drop anchor in a pretty bay, where you can swim and sunbathe as well as enjoying a tasty meal. Everyone on board helps with preparing lunches from the fresh ingredients provided - wonderful fruit and vegetables, olive oil, fish, cheeses, and meats.

After lunch you'll set sail again for your destination. The best winds are normally in the afternoon and you'll enjoy spirited sailing, perhaps with some informal 'racing' with another teaching boat.

You'll soon find yourself competently handling the fenders, anchor control, and shore-line

Experience Needed to Take this Course

No experience needed at all - just a sense of adventure!


Saronic/Argolic Gulfs

Course Type

Competent Crew Practical

Course Address

Aegina Island, Greece

Upcoming Dates for this Course


every week

Every week from mid-March to mid-November.

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