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FAQ’s: Yacht Race Training Courses

What will you get out of a Yacht Race Training course?

Though the RYA is developing its dinghy and keelboat race training syllabus there is no specific course in yacht racing from the RYA. This course is designed to take a keen team of sailors and guide them through the protocols and tricks to becoming successful in their local fleet or offshore on races such as the Fastnet.

You will have a level of competence – enough to know that you want to do it – and this will help you refine your work together as a team to be on the best point of sail at all times, manoeuvre effectively and quickly, and trim your sails perfectly.

How much will they cost?

There is no exam for this and it is run as an extra at many sailing schools. If you have your own boat, schools will typically charge around $312/£200/280 EUROS per day to put the instructor aboard, but if the team hasn’t / is looking for a boat then expect to pay around $150/£95/130 EUROS per person per day.

For experienced teams looking to get to the next level, the figures can be as much as $1,560/£1,000/1,390 EUROS a day depending on what you ask from the sailing school.

What are your limits on passing a Race Training course?

This depends on what you want from it. You’ll be competent sailors already, but on a course such as this you should discuss with the sailing school what you want in advance so they can effectively tailor the course to suit your needs.

Are these courses theory, practical or both?

The skipper and tactician tend to handle the theory side. The trimmers, bowmen and helm tend to learn practical skills. Again, discuss with your sailing school what you need from this course in advance. 

Where can you take them?

You can approach most yacht sailing schools around the world for advice and race training. It just depends on where you are and what you want from it…

What level of experience do you need?

As long as a team member has the strength, fitness and willingness, some of your crew may have no experience at all. It is advised that the bulk of the crew know how to hand, reef and steer well though!

How long do they take?

This is dependant on what you seek from the instructor and how much budget you have to pay them. It can be as long or short as you want.

How do you progress after completion?

Your team should go from middling in the field in the club regatta to being a challenger within your handicap. The course could take a middling offshore team and make them contenders for the trophy. It all depends on what you seek from the course.

Do Yacht Race Training courses give you international accreditation?

No, as this isn't an official course it will not be recognised globally.

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