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All About The RYA Radar Course - Your Questions Answered!

How much does the RYA Radar course cost?

You'll be looking at prices between £100-£150/$150-$230/135-205 EUROS depending on where you take it.

What will you get out of the Radar course?

With the price of radar sets falling, they are becoming accessible to more and more boat owners.

Believe it or not, a lobster pot with a radar reflector can look identical to a supertanker on a radar set. Where in some countries lobster pots can be guarded rather jealously by armed fishermen, you won’t even scratch a supertanker’s paint as it smashes your yacht to matchwood!

Waves can also show as targets, as can rain squalls – which can in turn mask the tanker...

Learning how to use radar effectively should enable you to use it effectively and to the full of the system’s potential. 

What are your limits on passing it?

It teaches you how to best use radar, and this can be invaluable in low visibility such as heavy rain or fog.

Is this course theory, practical or a combination?

It is a one day classroom based theory course.

Where can you take it?

It is available worldwide. You can do the course anywhere that that has RYA accreditation to offer it.

What level of experience do you need before you take it?

No experience is required. It is advisable to have the use of a radar set…

How long does this take?

The RYA Radar course takes one day to complete.

What does this course involve?

  • You will learn about the different radar displays on the market and what the limitations are for each.
  • You will learn how to operate the set and establish target definition. 
  • You will look at different radar reflectors and their efficiency. 
  • You will learn about navigation by radar and collision avoidance using the system

How do I progress after completing the RYA Radar short course?

Radar skills are a useful adjunct to any other motor or sailing qualification. 

This is a useful qualification to have if you are planning an extended, offshore passage, perhaps going globetrotting after early retirement.

Even when you are staying within European waters, there are places such as the shipping lanes up the Channel that can be foggy, so if planning a passage to the continent, such a system aboard – and the knowledge to use it correctly -  can really help as you go about your business.

Does it give you international accreditation?

No, sorry!

Where can I learn more about the course?

Have a look at the RYA course page here for a better idea of what the course entails., or take a look at the syllabus.

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