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FAQ's: What You Need To Know About The RYA Multihull Level 3 Better Sailing Course

How much will the Multihull Level 3 course cost including exam fees?

The two day course will set you back around $300/£200/270EUROS depending on where you do it, the time of year and whether or not you are doing it as part of a group.

What will you get out of it?

This is a preparation course for intermediate and advanced multihull sailing courses. You will get a taster of flying a spinnaker, racing rules, and might even get to use a trapeze. It is a lot of fun and designed to develop you as a sailor.

What are your limits after passing it?

You will be considered an advanced beginner, if there is such a term. You will have enough experience to get yourself out of trouble but don’t expect to thrash Ben Ainslie as he flies his AC45 past you!

Is the course practical, theory (onshore) or both?

You will learn more theory than the previous courses, but again, this is a predominantly practical course aimed at teaching you the basic skills towards doing advanced sailing courses.

Those doing this course should have enough experience to sail their cat or tri in challenging conditions, which could be up to Force 5 winds.

Where can you take the RYA Multihull Level 3 course?

You can take the course anywhere that has RYA accreditation for multihulls.

Can you do it in another country?


What level of experience do you need to take the course?

You should be able to demonstrate the skills taught in RYA Multihull Level 1 and 2. You don’t have to have those certificates but you don’t want to slow your fellows on the course down by being out of your depth.

How long does it take?

Just 2 days!

What does the course involve?

You will learn the basics of intermediate and advanced sailing techniques. One of the most important skills is flying a spinnaker, which might be asymmetric or traditional.

You will also learn about trimming your sails better and reading the wind.

How do I progress with my sailing after completing it?

You have a choice – either to do the cruising module or the racing modules. The cruising modules Seamanship Skills and Day Sailing cover how to sail a longer distance, as well as navigation and meteorology.

The racing modules cover sailing with spinnakers, while Performance Sailing is about tying your sailing skills together in order to race a two man boat hard, and hopefully win races…

Does the Level 3 Better Sailing course give you international accreditation?

No, but the RYA syllabi are recognised by sailing centres all over the world. Where a local Coast Guard may not recognise your qualifications, a local sailing centre may allow you to rent their boat to you.

Where can I learn more about the course?

Have a look at the syllabus here, or click on the button below to find a sailing instuctor offering this course near you.

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