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FAQ's: About The RYA Keelboat Performance Sailing Course

How much does it cost to take the RYA Keelboat Performance Sailing course, including exam fees?

It will cost you in the region of $220-$440 (£150-£300/200-400 EUROS) depending on where and when you do the course.

What will you get out of the course?

It will teach you how to refine and improve your sailing skills. You will go from being able to get where you’re going without embarrassing yourself, to keeping pace with the fleet in a club race.

What are your limits on passing the Keelboat Performance Sailing course?

You will be a competent club racer, and be able to participate on a longer days sail. Just don’t expect to do the Vendee Globe!

Is it shorebased (theory), offshore (practical) or both?

It is entirely practical, the course will take place on the water (offshore).

Where can you take this RYA course?

You can take this course anywhere in the world, just ask your nearest RYA accredited school.

What level of experience do you need?


Ideally you should have the RYA Sailing with Spinnakers or be able to show you have the skills and experience that are equivalent, in addition to one of the following courses;

Duration - How long does it take?

The Keelboat Performance Sailing course takes 2 days to complete.

What does this course involve – what will you learn?

It advances your sailing skills to a finer level.

Where on the Keelboat Level 2 you will have learned for example, that on a reach the sails should be between 30 – 60 degrees to the mast, on a dead run the boom should be at 90 degrees, and close hauled between 0 and 30 degrees, this course will teach you the finer points of trimming the sails perfectly for the correct winds on a given course.

You will also look at wind shifts and how to benefit from them. At the top end of yacht racing, taking advantage of a puff can win or lose a race… 

You will learn how to tune your rig, and how to get the best out of the boat in a given set of conditions. This will include tensioning your Cunningham, kicking strap, backstays and other refinements to the rigging.

How do I progress after completing the Keelboat Performance Sailing course?

Once you’ve successfully passed this keelboat course you can go on to other race oriented courses or day sailing short courses.

Consider the Sailing with Spinnakers if you haven't already done this course, or the Seamanship course.

Does it give you international accreditation?

No, unfortunately not.

Further Resources:

Check out the ‘Improvers and Advanced Courses’ section of the RYA website.

This Stormforce page also has some great information.

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