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FAQ’s: IYT RIB Master Course

How much will the IYT RIB Master course cost in total?

This course will cost around $250 plus $99 for e-learning registration. Expect to pay a total of up to USD $359 (approx. £225 or 320 EUROS).

What will you get out of the RIB Master course?

Through the International Yacht Training scheme, this course will teach you how to launch, drive and recover a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) of up to 15 metres in size.  This two day course is quite intensive, covering high speed and low speed manoeuvring, various safety techniques and drills, as well as the Rules of the Road and other essential elements of powering a fast day boat.

What are your limits on passing the course?

You will be able to drive an RIB of up to 15 metres (roughly 50ft) in fair conditions. You will only be able to drive it on coastal passages. The vessel may have inboard or outboard engines.   

Is the course theory, practical or both?

As with many seafaring courses, there will be an element of theoretical work. For this course however, most of it is practical skills.

Where can you take it?

IYT Worldwide is an international yacht training organisation. It has centres all over the world and has its qualifications approved by over 30 countries’ governments. As such you can take this course in almost every country with an advanced yachting scene.

What level of experience do you need before you begin?


How long does it take?

It is a two day, intensive course.

What does the course involve?

Over two days you will learn how to launch, drive and recover a small powerboat or RIB. You will then be capable of taking the vessel out on day trips, comfortable in the knowledge you can do this safely.

Broadly the course is broken into the theoretical and the practical:

Theory includes the International Collision Regulations, engine maintenance, elementary pilotage and nautical terminology such as ‘bow’, ‘stern’, ‘quarter’ ‘port’ and ‘starboard’.

This being a primarily practical course you will also look at a range of manoeuvres and procedures. You will learn how to launch the vessel from a road trailer, how to do manoeuvres at slow and high speed. You will also look at how to recover a man overboard, the safety equipment you should carry aboard, engine maintenance and the importance of the kill cord. You will cover pilotage and elementary navigation too.

You should consider getting a VHF license too.

How do I progress after completing the IYT RIB Master?

You can either use this certificate as the only course you need to enjoy high speed cruising on open water in your small  speedboat or RIB, or you can use this as a jumping off point toward following other elements of the IYT syllabus.

Does it give you international accreditation?

Only insofar as this course is recognised in a number of countries worldwide. It IS NOT a commercial mariners certificate in its own right, though may be converted with additional courses.

Where can I learn more about the ITY Rib Master course?

Have a look at this webpage on the IYT website for more information about this course, or view the Syllabus and Depth of Knowledge

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