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FAQ’s: About The IYT Personal Watercraft Course (PWC)

How much will the IYT PWC course cost including exam fees?

Typically this will cost in the region of $200* depending on where and when you do the course.

* Equivalent to approx. £125 or 180 EUROS.

What will you get out of the course?

This gives you the qualification and competence to operate a ‘Personal Watercraft’ (PWC). These ‘jet skis’ are fast, small watercraft that can touch speeds of 40mph plus, and where they are lots of fun can be very dangerous if misused.

The IYT is recognised all over the world, so with this one qualification you can use a jet ski almost anywhere.  

What are your limits on passing the IYT Personal Watercraft course?

This only qualified you to use a jet ski. You won’t go far offshore in one, and likely won’t use it after dark.

Is the course shorebased (theory), practical or both?

It is practical with some shorebased theory elements. For example, engine checks and elementary collision regulations are covered ashore, as well as launching and recovery. The rest, such as manoeuvring at speed, man overboard and other elements are practical.

Where can you take it?

The International Yacht training scheme is run all over the world and recognised in many countries.

What level of experience do you need before you begin?

You need no prior knowledge of boating, though it helps if you have the buzz for water sports!

How long does it take?

It is a one day course.

What does the IYT PWC course involve?

This course is covered in broadly, theoretical and practical elements:

Theory: You will cover VHF protocols and procedures, collision regulations, buoyage, refuelling, and the way in which jet driver engines operate. You will cover weather and how it impacts safe operations, weather forecasting and accident prevention. You will also look at parts of the craft as well as the importance of the kill cord and wearing appropriate buoyancy aids.

Practical: You will look at basic engine checks, launching and recovery, and safety techniques such as man overboard drills. You will cover how to use a PWC at speed and in different sea states. You will also look at towing, both in how to tow and be towed as well as the legal regulations associated with doing this. 

How do you progress after passing the course?

This is a stand alone course. You should consider it if you just want to blast about on a jet ski for fun, or as part of your wider water sports qualification portfolio. As with all water sports, safety is core to having fun!

Does it give you international accreditation?

The IYT is recognised in many countries around the world. Your qualification will be recognised anywhere that accepts IYT certification.

Where can I learn more about the course?

Have a look at this IYT webpage for more information as to what the PWC course entails.

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