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FAQ’s: RYA Competent Crew / Essential Navigation Course

How much will the Competent Crew / Essential Navigation Course cost?

You will be looking at prices of up-to £630 (around $950 or 850 EUROS) per person depending on the location and time of year you take it.

What will you get out of it?

Over six days you will cover the RYA Essential Navigation and RYA Competent Crew courses, providing you with a basic understanding of naval navigation and safety

The course will equip you with the basics to start your career afloat and enable you to undertake short passages as a skipper. There’s a lot to learn even to be a crew member – it requires a lot more than making a good cuppa and being able to keep your lunch down. This course will equip you with these skills to be a lot of use aboard, and helps you along the RYA sailing career path.

What are your limititation after passing the RYA Competent Crew / Essential Navigation  course?

It will make you a safe crew member and one who can venture afloat as a skipper in sheltered waters on a calmer day.

Is it mostly theory, practical or both?

One day will be shorebased (theory) with you staying in a hotel while 5 days will be on a yacht learning and honing your practical skills.

Where can you take this course?

You can take this wherever you can find that offers the RYA accredited tuition globally. Have a look around our website for courses near you and consider doing the course in a warm, dry and sunny location to gain maximum enjoyment!

What level of experience do you need before you begin the Competent Crew / Essential Navigation course?

There are no prerequisites, or experience required.

Duration - How long does it take?

You need 6 days to complete this course. one of these days will be shore-based, the other five days will be sailing on the waters.

What exactly does it involve?

You will spend the first day in the classroom covering the essential techniques and knowledge of navigation. You will look at the International Collision Regulations, IALA buoyage and passage planning.

Over the next 5 days you will be afloat covering skills ranging from steering the boat to trimming the sails, as well as what happens when you tack and gybe. You will also look at how to pick someone up who has gone overboard, as well as how to fight fires and other essential safety skills.

You will be taught rope work and other seamanship skills as part of this course as well.

How do You progress after completing it?

You should consider doing the RYA Day Skipper Theory and Practical courses to enable you to skipper a boat, perhaps on a charter holiday abroad.

Does the course give you international accreditation?

No, but the next courses up the RYA training scheme will enable you to get an International Certificate of Competence.

The Competent Crew is widely regarded as proof that you are a useful crewmember so while you may not be qualified to skipper, you may well be able to get aboard a yacht in a different country as crew. 

Where can I learn more about this course?

Have a look at this RYA webpage for more information.

You may also find this webpage from Endeavour Sailing useful.

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