Amandla Offshore Oil & Gas (AOOG)
South Africa
Cape Town
Contact Name
Ori George
Contact Number
021 8200 841

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Amandla Offshore Oil & Gas (AOOG)

At A.O.O.G we aim to provide our learners with the highest quality training , irrespective of background, skill or experience. We will ensure that our programs are always up to date and delivered by sector qualified and experienced trainers in order to ensure that the best possible learning experience is achieved. We further aim to ensure that our fees will always represent the best possible value for money and educational experience for our learners, while constantly ensuring quality customer service and delivery. It is our ongoing goal to improve  and increase skills within the Oil and Gas, mARITIME AND OFFSHORE TRAINING industry as it is our belief that knowledge leads to empowerment and empowerment leads to excellence.

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