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Barge Training

"You're the Skipper, You're Responsible"

We are flexible and fun, but serious about the skipper being responsible. During the day, one of us will be skipper, the rest of us will be crew. You will experience traversing the canals and all the necessary boat handling (listed below) to ensure you are safe, responsible and reaping all the relaxed enjoyment you should.

We invite you to join us as crew. The contributing funds you supply are simply a contribution to the running costs of our vessel, for example, diesel, maintenance, repairs, wear and tear etc. We can provide you with a light-lunch as our guests.

With this ethos, the costs are simply:
One day: €195.00 per person per day or €370 per couple
Two days: €180.00 per person per day or €340 per couple
Three days: €165.00 per day per person or €310 per couple
(We will accept payment in Euros, Australian Dollars or English Pounds - conversion to be calculated on day of payment)

It's up to you - tell us what you'd like to do as crew. If you have a specific need, just let us know.

Our day(s) together will cover every aspect of inland waterways boating, incorporating safety, skills and enjoyment. We will also help with your CEVNII and ICC revision.

Day 1 (09:30 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 16:00)
Safety - safety first always. You can repair a boat you cannot repair lost limbs!
Start up and checks.
Communication between helms-person and line-handler.
Leaving and returning to a dock/jetty - tricks for easy manoeuvring when you're hemmed in or pushed onto the dock by the wind.
Lock work - entering, handling your lines safely, what to pay attention to, safety, working with other vessels in the lock, exit.
Rope work, how to secure your boat, how to furl and avoid tangled lines. Throwing lines, knot work. Caring for your lines, splicing and whipping too.
Steering and control of the vessel.
Turning the boat using the current and/or wind. These natural occurrences  don't always have to be a hindrance, they can be a big help!
Stopping the boat and control.
Coming alongside a bank, hazards, securing to a grass bank.
Emergency procedures, process, allocated duties and how to KNOW what to do in an emergency besides panic!
Radio etiquette/use.
More safety - you don't have to be fit and strong to handle a boat, you just have to know how to use your equipment - safely.
Whatever else you'd like to practice/learn about.

Day 2
Consolidating previous day's training
Engines and systems. Basics of how your engines works, regular checks, fault finding, maintenance (3 types of)....
General boat maintenance, tips and tricks.
Safety aspects on all boating aspects (manoeuvring, gas, heating, engine, generators, plumbing)
Which boat? - what to look for/what to be aware of when viewing boats.
CEVNII/ICC revision

Day 3
Mock CEVNII/ICC exams
Regulations in more details
Additional manoeuvring/handling practice
Making decisions

Contact us if you want a bit more practice, or just to brush up, or if you have a specific requirement.

Boat Delivery
We will consider boat deliveries on a case by case basis, please contact us with your requirements.

Training on your Boat
Please contact us if you would like us to come to you.

System Mapping
Having owned and worked on a vast array of boats, we have used/repaired & maintained many different systems. We can map out your boats' systems. Working with you, we will explain how the systems work, how they are set-up and draw diagrams, and write instructions for future and on-going reference. Please let us know if you are interested in more information.

We do not provide accommodation. We have been training for many years and believe it is far better to walk away from the boat and all it entails, at the end of a full day, to enjoy a complete break. The day on board with us is intensive. You will enjoy the rest, feel better refreshed the next day, and learn and retain more information. We can help with sourcing/recommending accommodation, but it is up to you to make the arrangements. Currently we are in Buzet Sur Baise and Gites (self contained accommodation) start at around €25 per couple, per night.

A complete training material on all you have learned.
Your hands-on experience with us will help you remember much of what you learn, but our training manual contains all you need to know to remind you, at a later date, of what we went through. You will find it a great reference manual for years to come.

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