Chesapeake Flotillas
United States
Mid Atlantic
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Capt. Rob Chichester
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Rock Hall, MD

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Chesapeake Flotillas

Capt. Rob Chichester has been working on or around boats for over 40 years.  Not only is he a patient and insightful instructor, he is well versed in all areas of sailing, boat handling, navigation, and history.  Capt. Rob's demeanor and teaching style create a low-pressure and supportive atmosphere for learning.  One of his goals is helping the non-primary sailing partner of couples to learn to enjoy the sailing and cruising experience by becoming better sailors and being able to be more engaged during sailing trips.

Capt. Rob offers 5 pre-defined training experiences.  However, he is open to modifying those courses or creating new training experiences to meet the needs of his clients.

Capt. Rob's knowledge, experience, and demeanor form a nexus of learning opportunities for one to advance one's skills. Email or call to see for yourself how he can help you.

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