The Unique Miramar Yachtmaster Xpress course – Fast-Track to Professional Sailing

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If you’re looking for an intense sailing course the likes of which can have you quickly climbing the ranks beyond proficiency and toward professionalism, chances are the Yachtmaster Xpress Course from Miramar could be right up your street. While there may be dozens of RYA courses out there for those happy to reach the higher rungs at a slower pace, 13-weeks is all it takes for the Yachtmaster Xpress course to transform all you know about sailingBoating Hub Profile

And if that wasn’t enough, a good 11 weeks of the course just so happen to take place sailing the stunning blue waters of the Caribbean…not that the two weeks of onshore training are any less compelling.

The course takes place largely at sea with just the second and the fourth week being spent on land – those being set aside for the Day Skipper Theory course and Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore Theory course respectively. Once you reach week 5 you are in for an attempt at the now legendary RORC Caribbean 600 Race Course. Week 6 is a more relaxing cruise actually touching some of  the islands passed in week 5. However you’re in for the trip of a lifetime in week 7 as the unique Miramar Yachtmaster Xpress course heads south with an array of daylight and night-time passages which take in the breath-taking sights of Dominica, Tobago Cays, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Guadeloupe, Grenada and many more besides.

Weeks 8 & 9 are spent cruising in the tidal waters of the Grenadines where every single island in the region is famed the world over for its one-of-a-kind sailing opportunities and the Yachtmaster Xpress makes the very best of each one.

By week 10, students reach the level of competence required to take the Coastal Skipper Practical Tidal course which takes place around Grenada.

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Week 11 is the return trip north before week 12 which is a pre-examination opportunity to relax with a leisurely circumnavigation of Antigua. Week 13 is the BIG one with 5 days of intense Yachtmaster exam preparation culminating in the Yachtmaster Offshore exam itself over your final weekend.

Once the exam has been successfully passed, the world becomes your oyster in terms of where, when and how you will put your industry-class talents to good use.

All in all, the course involves 6 weeks in Antigua and around the Leeward Islands, 1 week cruising south down the Caribbean Island chain, 4 weeks around the Grenadines, a further week heading back north up the chain, and 1 week chilling and exploring Antigua in depth before getting down to the real business of passing the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore examination.

Weekends are made free for all in attendance to relax and explore the islands at their leisure, which adds up to a holiday of a lifetime every single weekend for the duration of the 13 week course.

As far as fast-track options go in the world of sailing, there are few that hold a candle to the Miramar Yachtmaster Xpress course in terms of both value and sheer enjoyment.

At some point during the first 6 weeks you will obtain your First Aid Certificate and Restricted VHF Radio Operator’s Certification. Both are included in your course fee.

So what’s your attitude toward such intense courses? Leave your thoughts below and share how you feel about it.

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