Why Are Team GB Succesful At Olympic Sailing?

So, the Olympics is over again. More smiles on the podium, and hundreds of young sailors who can move on with their lives with ‘Competed in the Rio Olympics for my country’s team’ on their CVs yet who confidently could say they had no hope at a medal from the start. This isn’t to slag […]

Why Sailing Isn’t Just For The Wealthy

Posted on January 12, 2015 by under Competent Crew, Dinghy Sailing, Sailing, Sailing Courses

When you see the €10 million team Volvo Ocean Race boats going around the world at speed, or the America’s Cup foiling catamarans screaming around San Francisco Bay, you may be forgiven for assuming that sailing is for rich people with nothing better to do with their time. When you realise that 99% of sailors […]

How Do Coastal Skipper And Day Skipper Courses Differ?

Posted on October 22, 2014 by under Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Sailing Courses, Sailing Training Courses

Learning to sail is a process which needs to be done in stages, beginning with the basics before developing more advanced skills as required. The basics form the foundation block from which progression through other courses can then be made – without these essential skills it can be very hard to develop. Sailing is built […]

An Overview Of The Essential Crew Positions On A Boat

Posted on August 6, 2013 by under Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Sailing

If you’re going to sail or work on a boat bigger than a simple dinghy, odds are you’ll be on board a vessel with other people too. Here’s a summary of the main crew roles you’ll find on board a boat. The Captain Otherwise known as the Helmsman or Skipper, the captain takes the lead […]

Four Ways To Improve Your Sailing Skills

Posted on July 23, 2013 by under Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Sailing, Sailing Training Courses

So you’ve put in your nautical miles, and now you can safely say you know your way around on a boat.  It’s a great feeling when you know you can comfortably handle your vessel – and yourself – out on the water. However, there’s always more to learn. Bigger ships, more challenging waters, sharper crew […]

Sail, Travel And Get Paid: Join a Sailing Crew!

Posted on July 12, 2013 by under Competent Crew, Sailing

Ever daydreamed about being part of a closely knit team, smoothly guiding a yacht to it’s destination on the open waters? Pulling in at exotic ports and seeing new countries? Maybe even getting paid handsomely for your efforts? Well, it’s probably a lot more attainable than you think.  Sailing crews are in demand, and you […]

Boating Career Paths – Becoming A Sailing Instructor

Posted on March 12, 2013 by under Competent Crew, RYA, Sailing, Sailing Training Courses

Some get into the world of boating just for the sheer fun of it, but for others it becomes the gateway to the most incredibly enjoyable and prosperous career they could have ever imagined. And more often than not, the first career path that comes to mind for millions is that of the sailing instructor […]

Finding Out About The RYA Competent Crew Course

Posted on October 27, 2012 by under Competent Crew, RYA, Sailing Training Courses

When you head out to the wide blue yonder you may have full confidence in your boat, your knowledge of the seas, your ability to navigate and your locker stuffed full of jammy dodgers. But what about your crew? How confident are you that they know their keel from their elbow? One of the more […]