Boating in Ibiza – Skimming The Azure Waves with IbizaMed Sea School

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ibiza-sailingEver thought about boating in Ibiza?

Most well-known for sun, sea and late-night partying, Ibiza has many faces and is far more than just another beach holiday island. In fact it’s host to a thriving population of Spaniards and expats, many of whom are avid sailors and fishermen, and the elegant Ibiza Town is a gem in itself.  More importantly though, the white isle’s unique qualities make it the perfect place to take boating lessons and get certified.

In fact, here are three great reasons to learn to boat in Ibiza:

No Tides

Because of its position as an island in the Mediterranean, Ibiza just doesn’t experience the powerful ocean dynamics that we see in the British Isles.  We won’t get into the geography of it – it’s to do with the different ocean currents, and where they come from – but suffice to say that Ibizan waters are significantly calmer.

It’s a peaceful sea, with a decent amount of wind, and rarely hosts powerful tides that knock your boat around. This makes it ideal for beginners who want to learn the basics of boating in peaceful open water.

Bays, Beaches And Beautiful Water

For such a small island, Ibiza offers several fantastic bays, beaches and stop-off points.

Sailing around the island is a true pleasure, and you can pull in at a small village with moorings, deserted beaches in the north, or of course, the charming and lively Ibiza Town.

The water is just as you’d hope, too – crystal clear and azure blue.

Fantastic Boating Weather, All Year Round

Summer time in Ibiza is consistently beautiful. The sun is shining most days, and average temperatures stay between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, and rain is rare. Coupled with the calm water, you couldn’t ask for better conditions for boating.

Even in winter, the average temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius, and there are plenty of clear days, which make winter boating very viable indeed.

Where Can You Learn: The IbizaMed Sea School

By now we’ve probably convinced you that Ibiza really is quite a special place to take boating lessons. So where exactly do we recommend you commit your hard-earned cash?

Well, one of the foremost boating training centres on the island is the IbizaMed Sea School, and we can confidently say that we fully endorse it.

The school is run by Stephen Hullock, a yachting and powerboat veteran and long-time resident on the island itself. IbizaMed have been in business for close to a decade, and Stephen knows the island and its waters inside out. Their offices are located near the Marina Ibiza, they’re able to meet you for lessons at several locations around the island.  They’ve just launched their new Ibiza sea school website, which showcases their services.

Powerboating is popular in Ibiza, so if it takes your fancy, you’re in luck – it’s IbizaMed’s specialty.  They’ll take you out in their 7.5m Scorpion RIB, which is kitted out with a 225hp outboard motor and is fully equipped and licensed. And they’ll be happy to train you on your own boat if necessary.

They offer one- and two-day beginner courses, and successful qualification will result in a Royal Yachting Association accredited licence that is accepted worldwide.

IbizaMed also offer several other courses, including Jet Ski proficiency, navigation courses, and children’s powerboating.  You’re guaranteed to learn a lot and also have some serious fun out on the water.

Boating lessons in Ibiza are an ideal way to combine a fantastic break with an intensive short course that lets you walk away the proud owner of a new RYA-accredited motorboat license. Check out the IbizaMed courses, and get ready to book your training on the shores of the white isle.


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