Learning To Sail Abroad – What Are The Main Benefits?

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Learning to sail in your local area has a number of benefits, but so too does learning overseas.

While the learning process could be seen as more of a holiday, a more relaxed environment can aid the learning process, as beginners can feel more comfortable.

As a result, learning to sail abroad is increasingly popular as many people see it as the ideal location in which to discover the joys of sailing.

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Options for people of all abilities

It does not matter if someone has mastered the basics or not, as every aspect will be covered at some point or another.

From those with no previous experience on the water, to sailors looking to master their skills for a competitive environment; options exist for everyone.

Day skipper courses can provide internationally recognised qualifications, while motor boat courses or learning with other vessels is also possible.

Learning overseas also offers a fantastic opportunity to learn all about other cultures, traditions and foods, broadening horizons in the process.

The importance of safety

Safety when at sea is incredibly important and all of the important safety aspects will be covered in a bid to ensure the best sailing experience for all.

First aid courses can provide details of what to do in an emergency, from administering first aid to recovering somebody from the water.

Safety when sailing is about minimising the risks involved – the natural world is very unpredictable but sailors can increase their chances of remaining safe if they are aware of how to do so.

A relaxing environment to learn in

Learning while abroad can almost seem like a holiday, making people more relaxed when they are learning and therefore more likely to remember information.

This is important to the learning process as much of sailing is about constant improvement and there is no replacement for understanding the essentials.

Much like learning to drive requires time on the road – the basics are easy to learn but experience comes by putting it into practice – to learn sailing requires time on the water to improve.

Important skills such as how to tie knots correctly and how to handle sails will all be taught, as well as basic mooring and anchoring, basic navigation and the skills needed for an International Crew Certificate.

Sunsail Teen Cruising Week 2007

Developing techniques while enjoying the trip

Anyone who has already learned these skills will look at more advanced techniques so that they can reach a Skipper level.

At the same time, learning in an environment that is different to home can make the whole process seem less like of a task, once again aiding those taking sailing lessons.

Development will progressively occur throughout a trip, while even those who remain unsure will be under the watchful eye of fully trained instructors.

Plenty of locations to be explored

There are many different locations throughout Europe that are perfectly suited to this type of learning holiday.

The Mediterranean coast is full of ancient and modern locations that are all accessible by those travelling across the water.

Exploring Italy, Southern France, Greece, Turkey or Croatia call all be done in this fashion, provided that the relevant courses run in the desired locations.

As a result, anyone learning overseas can also immerse themselves in culture and history, while relaxing at the same time.

Relaxation is the main positive that comes with learning to sail abroad, alongside getting to learn in an environment that is completely different to anything you may find in your local area.

Different seas and scenery can enhance the experience and ensure that the learning process is an enjoyable one for all involved.



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